Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ella's a published author

At the beginning of this school year all of the fourth graders at Ella's school won a grant from Crayola to make their very own E-books!! After much hard work, research and study Ella finished her book and it was published on Monday! 

(If you have an ipad or an ipad mini you can download the book for free! Get the e-book ap, search traverse mountain, there will be a list of all books made by Ella's classmates. You can look up Bobcat to find Ella's. It should be the first one out of three, her name is on the front!)

 The school also made a little video they played at the launch party- check it out! 
 You can see Ella (in an orange shirt) at 0:05 and 6:58 you can also see her original artwork of bobcats starting at 4:48- she has three of four pieces. 

 Yeah!! We are so proud of Ella!! She and her classmates are the youngest to ever make e-books. A published author!!

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