Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break Trip to Bear Lake

I LOVE this picture of Lilly!
With both older kids in different schools with different after school activities, work, church, Easter and Ryan's Dad here- Not to mention regular housework and errands I feel like I've had a lot going on. Or maybe I'm just pregnant with my fourth child. But I'm tired. 
Ryan and I both have been feeling like we've been burning the candle at both ends and it was really catching up with us.
A friend of mine at work hooked us up with a great deal at a resort up in Bear Lake Utah. 
The day after Easter Rick flew home. It was so nice having him here. We always feel so disconnected with Ryan's family down in Arizona, so it was nice to have some Grandpa time!
After we said our goodbyes we quickly packed up. I had put no thought whatsoever into this trip with so many other things going on. We ended up having to wait a little while to finish some laundry and Ryan finished up some work things.
Lilly was trying to get ready to go too. Doesn't she look so pretty when she puts lipstick on all by herself?
She LOVES to wear lipstick!
After what felt like a long, long drive we made it up to Bear Lake. 
We knew it was going to be cold, but that was ok. We knew we were getting such a great deal since it was the off season.
The resort was just right, with a bedroom, family room and one of the closest units to the hot tub!
So excited to be on b-acation! (As Jack would say)
Sami and Tyler were able to come along for the first two nights.
It's so nice to have a couple extra hands to help with the kids!
Of course as soon as we all get into the room everyone checks for wifi.
Too bad it didn't really work very well. :)

We brought so much food and junk.
The kids immediately started snacking.
What was the first thing that Ryan wanted to do when we got there?- go in the hot tub! Huge surprise! 

The older kids were just as happy as Ryan. Even if I did forget all of the water toys and goggles at home. That's what you get for packing the day of the trip!

Sami took this picture of Lilly's little legs in the shower. Too cute!

It was so late! They stayed way too long.
That night we all got dressed and headed into town.
Although I had brought tons of food (since our unit had a full kitchen) so that we wouldn't need to eat out, my sweet husband said that that didn't make it much of a vacation for me and wanted to take me out to dinner. But.... everything was closed. Like EVERYTHING. 
The one bad thing about off season I guess.
We had plenty of Easter dinner leftovers we enjoyed at the resort and I went to bed early!
The next morning we all slept in. We decided we better check out the lake and the playground.
The lake was frozen over, but it wasn't too cold outside at all.

Love Lilly's little ponytail that Sami did!
Like all Dad's before him, I think that it was Ryan's goal to make each of the kids throw up.
Nobody did thankfully. But I think it was kind of close with Jack.
It's funny, these pictures were all taken when it was spinning super fast- but you can't tell.
Poor Lilly fell off the chair at church and smacked her face good. She's going to have those bruises for a while.

He was in little boy heaven!

We walked along the pier. The boys had fun throwing rocks onto the ice in hopes of it breaking threw.
Lilly is so fearless and totally unaware that she's still practically a baby. She wants to do everything the big kids do.

I turn around and Ryan's got Lilly walking on the ice. Nice one Ry.
That afternoon we went to check out the town. We stopped in a few little shops. Jack and Lilly liked pretending to be cowboys.
Ryan let each of the kids pick out a little something. All of which were absolutely typical.
Then we decided to get some lunch, but not much was open. Our GPS made it seem like another town wasn't too far away that had some fast food restaurants. We headed that way.
Ella was THRILLED when we came to the town of Paris Idaho! (Yes we drove all the way to Idaho!)
My sister Sarah was in Paris France at the same time. Ella and Sarah both in Paris at the same time, Ella thought that was too cool.
Montpelier was a little farther then we had anticipated. Like 35 minutes longer. Oh well. We got lunch and hit up a little grocery store.
I think that Ryan and Tyler seriously thought about purchasing these tee shirts.
The whole drive there and back we kept passing these old, scary looking houses!
Ryan wanted me to take a picture of this one, he wants to blow it up huge and print for Halloween.
When we got back it was of course hot tub time yet again.
Lilly just wanted to wear her swimming suit and boots.
Ryan would hold this big ball under the water and let it fly up and splash everyone.
Ryan loves to cuddle the babies in the water.

The hot tub was big enough and deep enough for some canon balls.

Lilly loved splashing and splashing.

Jack told her he would show her how to get it done.
Then Ryan said he would show Jack... Ryan won.

She's getting so big!

Lilly wanted to jump in like the big kids.

After a quick shower we headed to the only restaurant that was open in town.
 The Bear Trapper.
Ella loved this chair.
You can see how HUGE my belly is already!
We were starving and ready to eat!

The food was alright. Lilly loved my milkshake. Can babies get brain freezes? Doesn't seem like Lilly does! Poor Jack was so worn out and tired he couldn't stay awake. We ended up taking his dinner back to the resort and he ate it later.
Next to the restaurant was a little candy shop. Each of the kids got a little treat.
Ryan wanted to hold up my fudge.
I love that I caught Lilly in this picture as she saw a cat at the door.
She sure loves animals.
The shop owner was more then happy to show off her cat for the kids.
Lilly was in heaven. The woman reminded me a lot of Grandma Jelly!
That night the adults stayed up playing games, it was so much fun!!
More sleeping in! I loved it!
Although Lilly is pretty good about sleeping in her own bed, or this trip with the other kids, she still loves climbing into our bed for some daddy cuddles.

Most of that mornings were about like this- crazy hair, eating junk for breakfast and a lot of Uno playing.

They even let Lilly think she was playing.
Sami and Tyler had to head back for work and school.
Ryan and I took the kids out to play some tennis.
Jack was almost immediately frustrated and didn't want to play anymore.
Lilly too gave it a good try, but soon found it more fun to play in a pile of snow.

I guess he's more of a soccer guy.
Ella on the other hand had a great time learning from her Dad. She caught on pretty fast.

I love playing tennis and even took some lesson's when I was younger. 
It was a little hard to do 5 months pregnant though!
The one other restaurant in town was only open a few hours a week, but Ella HAD to eat there before we left.
The kids were naughty, but it ended up being the best food we ate the whole trip.
After our early dinner the kids wanted to go and play outside with Ella's new kite.

Ryan ended up flying it more then anyone. :)
Ella and Jack collected all of these little shells on the beach.

Our little family, soon to be a family of 6. Holy cow that's a lot of people!!
That night Ryan took the older kids to the hot tub... again. I put Lilly to bed and just sat and watched TV and read all by myself, that was my vacation for sure!
It was such a fun, nice, relaxing trip!!
It was exactly what our family needed!
It was sad that it had to come to an end so quickly.
The next morning we packed up early and headed home.
Ryan was in such a hurry that he drove down the canyon super fast and made all of us carsick. Jack and Lilly both ended up throwing up, poor things.
It was good to be home and sleep in my bed, but I'm so happy for the memories we made and the good time we had as a family.

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