Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Isla- Lila Make Up Tutorial

 Most mornings when the big kids are at school this little lady and I try and get things done around the house or run errands.
Some mornings, like today, we just need to hang out in our PJ's and be silly.
She decided that she was going to show me all of her make up and give me a little tutorial on how to apply her fake make up. ;)

  She's always so careful and thoughtful about her application. 

 She is such a girly- girl and I absolutely love it!
With her it's always lipstick, nail polish, glitter and hair bows.
I think in a world where we are told we can be anything, we forget to just be girls.

 Eye shadow is her most favorite.

 She explained what everything was and where to apply it.
Of course pink is her most favorite color.

I love spending time with my baby, although she's not much of a baby anymore.
I'm sure these are the mornings I will treasure forever.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 The weather has been wonderful, it felt like summer for the first time today. Just about the right time for a barque. 
Not a bad view.

It was after 1am when we finally stopped working. 
We were so determined to finish the can lights.
Now that we own this house, we are so ready to make it feel like our own house.

 The next morning, Lila looks about how I feel too....
So much work, but it's going to be so worth it!

 Finally got things cleaned up.
Only one week as home owners and we've got all of downstairs pained, including trip. We got all of the can lights and new pendent lights installed. Today we painted bar stools, finished our garden box and picked up all of the supplies for our next round of projects!

 Took the kids to see the new Jungle Book, it was so good!
Lilly said one part made her heart jump up!

 I like to celebrate almost ALL holidays, even if they don't really apply here.

 Jacks school had a "Moms and Muffins" event in honor of Mothers day.
I love this note he made for me, can't argue with that.
Also, his teacher blew up this big picture of the class to put on her door.
Jack loves Star Wars, especially Yoda.

 I loved all of the songs they sang, it totally made me cry. 
I don't know if it's because Jack is my only boy, or the baby I waited the longest for, but it sure is hard to watch this kid grow up!

 Jack made this of ME.
I've always hated my nose, so it's kind of better this way.

 While the big kids are at school, it's the perfect time for a Target run.. and some popcorn.

 I spent way too much time staring at this wall.. which to choose..

 Jack was so excited, after his game he ran up to me "Mom, Mom, take a picture of how sweaty I am!" He was so proud of how hard he worked.. and it showed.

 Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpas is never a dull moment.. or is it?

 Grandpa was kind enough to come help us plant our new garden!
I'm hopeful that this will be something fun for our family, fingers crossed.

 It happens to all of us sometime... The dress is getting a little tight.

 This girl still lives for her dance class every week!

 Oh boy.... We''re in trouble.

 Jack has always wanted to go to the Father/Sons ward campout, they couldn't spend the night, but they still had a ton of fun.

 If she falls asleep in her chair, with a binkie in her mouth, does that mean she's still a baby?
She had such a great day playing outside.
Sweet girl.

 I'm not a fan of giving kids soda, let alone an energy drink.. but Jack was feeling a little down about going to his game today, so Ryan suggested that we give it a try. Just this once.
Jack was pretty happy he got to try it.

 Today was his last game with his good friend Jaxson.
He's off to try some different sports.
It wont be the same without him

 Jack was SUPER hungry, I think we helped him out pretty well.

 The best part of away soccer games, the beautiful drive home.
Love love love where we live.

 Somehow these two convinced me to eat at a seafood place.
They were heaven though, so it was worth it.

 Lunchtime surprise for Ella!
I love that I can have lunch with her so easily at school this year.
Only a couple more weeks of school!

 Always soccer, always
Spring season is almost over.

 Just some progress pictures. Love how things are coming along!

 Jacob got a new job!
He had been working towards this for so long, we are all so excited for him.
We had to go out and celebrate!

 Sorry Justin and Katrina!
It's SO good!

 Anna and Johnny came to visit, they really wanted to go up the canyon and we were happy to make that happen. Anna has been so wonderful with my little girls, I know that she misses them so much.
Love Aunt Anna!

 Last morning of diving carpool for the school year!
I will miss our political chats.

 Ella's school had a 5K. She didn't really want to do it, but she found some friends to run with.
I was surprised when she wasn't one of the first kids to finish. Although she doesn't want to be a runner, she's actually pretty darn good at it.
She had stayed at a slower jog to stay with her friend Josh.

 Jr high........

 Another day, another soccer game.

 50 Cent corn dogs are always a good idea.

 Grandma loves to go to the movies and we love it when she invites us to go along.

 Got to clean out the purse every once in a while.. especially when it's mostly fruit loops

 Everyday we add a little something new. These new curtains really make our bedroom feel more cozy.

 The last week of school we always always are handing out Ella's birthday invitations.
You read that right, Ella will be 13 in just a few weeks.
An official teenager. I couldn't be more proud of the girl and she is and the woman she's becoming.

 Warm weather means walks at night. This view gets me everytime.

 Soaking up every last second of these sweet cuddles.
My last baby.

 Jack has always loved cars or pretty much anything that can go.
He said he wants to upgrade his ATV to something more like this..
I don't think so.

I love going to weddings, especially when I get to see old friends.
Shumway's know how to party!

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