Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween From The Bailey Family 2010

This past summer Ella and I saw this costume on clearance at the Disney store and couldn't pass it up!
Ella has ALWAYS wanted to be Ariel for Halloween!
There were many many weeks of her admiring it in her closet
Before she was able to wear it for some pictures
Singing JUST like Ariel!
What a perfect place for a little mermaid photo shoot!
She loved have RED hair for a couple of hours. It really helped her to feel like she was truly Ariel. My beautiful little lady!

OF COURSE Jack HAD to be Woody!
He loves Woody so much. He walks around the house all day saying
"howdy, howdy, howdy, I'm Woody!"

Had to have a cap gun too!
Can't be a real cowboy without one

We had to take some pictures of Woody AND Buzz together!
Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girl's just wanna have fun!

This week is spirit week at Ella's school!
Tuesday was 80's day!
I think she looked so cute, I wish that we had had real leg warmers!
{I think it's so funny how her necklace is over her eye in one of the pictures!}
You can look forward to PJ's day and CRAZY hair day coming up!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Man

Playing around with one of my new NEWBORN hats!
He does look pretty cute though
After a shoot the other day, Jack wanted some pictures too

Yesterday while out shopping I snapped a couple shots my little man....
Yes, Jack's wearing a..... SWEATER!
It's been soooo much cooler these last couple of days
It's been heaven!

I thought these all turned out so cute... new photography spot anyone?!

My sweet boy
He's such a good boy
Such a gentleman
As we were walking around holding hands, he would lean over and kiss my hand and say "love you mama"!
I love this guy more then words could ever express
I am so glad he's mine and that I get to hang out with him everyday.. all day
He was so good to stand there for me
but sometimes, a boys just got to be a boy............

So goofy!
I can't believe he's about to be 3!
We have a fun birthday already planned!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Ella loves doing these every year!
She thinks they are soooo funny!
Remember to pause the music!
Check out our one from last year.. HERE!
Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Fair and Movie Night

On Friday I took the kids (along with the Shumways) to the Arizona State Fair

All morning Jack told Ryan "I gonna see some aminals!"
Poor Ryan had to stay home and write a paper for school

There was a little petting zoo!
Ella loved it, Jack hated it

We walked through to see some more animals. The cows were HUGE and pretty scary

Then we walked over to the rides and games!

It was the best carnival I've ever been to...
I just wish it wasn't so dang expensive!

Roller Coaster!

Bumble Bee ride

Have to do a fun house!

Jack did pretty good.. sat in his stroller most of the time.. being a good boy

Of course, what's a carnival without cotton candy!?

Ella has ALWAYS wanted to play one of these games every time we go to a carnival
but we never let her, since you almost never win
But since Dad wasn't here, Mom let her play
She didn't win
it was quite the disappointment
but a lesson learned

It is still SO hot here in Phoenix! About 100 everyday still
I hate it
We all took a break to watch, what seemed as though would be a neat stunt man show
It wasn't
So then it was getting late and there was time for just one more ride
Ella, Grace and I decided to go on the log ride!

So much fun.. and it sure felt great to get a little wet and cool off

We had so much fun! I'm so glad we went. I'm sad that Ryan's wasn't able to share in the fun.
Next time
But the night wasn't over yet!
After getting home and when Ella was done with soccer practice we headed over to Ryan's parents new house for movie night!
Of course the Shumways and Riggs came along!
We watch beauty and the beast on the HUGE screen
and ate popcorn and pizza

Dakota did NOT want his picture taken

Ryan was WEIRD the whole night......... what can I say?

So far it's been a great fall break.. now if it would only cool down! That would be great! Then it might actually feel like fall!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Park Day and Pumpkin Patch

On Thursday I finally got the kids out for a fun park day
The Bullards, Shumway's and Riggs were able to meet us there!
We went to a really fun park and sat in the shade eating our happy meals
Ella was especially happy to see Ava
We have GOT to get together with your family more!
Chocolate milk face!
I wish that I had taken more pictures... sorry guys

Later that same night we went with the Shumways to a Pumpkin patch
(If anyone knows of a really GOOD one, let me know. It seems like all of the pumpkin patches in Arizona are dumb!)

Ella didn't care.. she was very excited!

First to check out some animals

Was just waking up... still a little sleepy

They had several places to take some silly pictures

It started getting dark FAST
Each child got to pick a little pumpkin and decorate it with stickers

Then we all went on a very bumpy hayride
with a very interested 13 year old boy... he knew way to much about the economy

Me and baby Claire

There were some play things, including a jumpy castle

Looking at some more pumpkins!

As soon as Jack saw this he started yelling "papa tractor!"
It looks a LOT like my Dad's law mower
Same brand and everything

The whole group!
We had so much fun! Thanks guys!
Halloween is almost here!
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