Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lilly and Sami


Happy New Year 2012

This year for New Years we had a packed house!!
First Mary and Kevin came to town.
Mary is so cute with her little, but getting bigger, baby bump.
I can't wait to meet Harvey in just a few short weeks!
Of course one afternoon we had to go to Culvers and use some more of our gift cards from Christmas!

New Years Eve we all got together at our house.
Mary took lots of naps with Lilly
Liam showing me his GUYS!
We were so excited that Lauren and Joseph were able to drive up from Arizona to come and stay with us!
We all played games and ate lots of yummy food.

Some of us played ROOT-beer bong.
Oh, how it brings back the good old high school years. Kevin had a pretty unique tossing style.
Of course Lilly was just her happy self, watching everyone else being crazy!
Lilly sure loves Sami, she's like a second Mom to her!
Finally the countdown!
Happy 2012!
We all ran outside banging pots and pans, popping streamers and lighting some sparklers!

 Robin and Blake
Sami and Tyler
This is our 11th New Year together!!
Kreighton was in Colorado, so Liam had to be Sarah first kiss of the new year.
Nice one Ryan!
It was so fun seeing the Shumway's, even if poor little Claire was so sick and made this trip so stressful for her Mom and Dad. We can't wait to come and see you guys in Arizona sometime soon!
The Shumway MEN!

Us ladies... You can see Mary's belly a little better!
Jack and Ella had so much fun playing with their pal's and having a sleepovers!
Happy New Year!!
I hope that 2012 is even more exciting and better then 2011!

Lilly Fay 3 1/2 Months Old

This little lady is so sweet and happy. She's such a joy to me! Love my little Lilly!
Bath time!
Lilly loves to take a bath in the nice warm water.
She's almost too big for the sink!

Lilly loves looking in the mirror and talking to herself.

Thanks for taking these pictures for me Sami!!

After her bath, I guess it really wore her out.

I didn't want to forget this picture. One night Ryan and I decided to try a little pony for Lilly.
I don't think she liked it! LOL!

Christmas 2011

Christmas eve we spend relaxing around the house.
Ella helped me make some Russian tea cakes. So yummy!
Of course we had to make some candy cane cookies too!
Jack was being so silly all morning. He was so ready for Christmas
We watched a ton of Christmas movies!
That afternoon we drove down to Lisa and Jake's for Christmas eve dinner.
Lisa made the most delicious ham with all the fix-in's!

Thanks for having us Ballards! It was so fun, after all these years to spend Christmas together!
As soon as we walked in the door late that night the kids were ready to open their Christmas eve presents!

Ella was trying to "act surprised", since I let her pick out her jammies this year.
Jack was so excited for his Buzz Lightyear jammies!
Obviously Lilly didn't care. She doesn't even care about wrapping paper. I can't wait for next year, she's going to be at such a fun age!
All dressed and ready!
Daddy read from the scriptures and I read the night before Christmas
Every year when Santa comes to our house he always leaves his gifts out on display. However, since this year Christmas was on a Sunday he wrapped them so that we could wait to open them after we got home from church.

All ready to go to church
Lilly got excited about that
Babies first Christmas!!
We did let the kids get into their stockings before church, since we had time.
Ella thought Lilly would like to use her big candy cane to learn how to walk. Silly girls!
Church was so nice, lots of music and talk about our savior and the blessing of his birth.
It was very peaceful. 
As soon as we got home the kids raced upstairs and put their jammies back on.
I found each of them sitting in front of their big Santa gift, waiting for us!
Ready, set, GO!
Ella got the American Girl Doll horse that she's wanted for years and more clothes for her doll too. Jack got a big remote control car, which he had told Santa he wanted every time he had the chance. Lilly just got a little toy and some frilly leg warmers.

I don't think that Jack's smile could be any bigger!
Ella was SO HARD to shop for this year! I'm glad she was happy with everything she got.
Opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Bailey
Grandma Sandy gave us a very special book. Ryan and I both teared up when we saw it. It will be a treasured book for our family.

Opening the presents they got for each other.
They are so sweet! I love that they love each other so much!

Opening the gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Orr
Jack was so excited to get some new movies and gift cards to McDonald's!!

My Mom MADE Ryan this scarf! Just want he wanted!
I guess this Christmas was a thumbs up!

Jack and Ella with all of their loot!
Jack HAD to be in Ella's picture too!

Lilly's first Christmas. She was just happy to see everyone else happy. Sweet dolly!
That evening Ryan cooked us the yummiest, most moist turkey ever! 
Lets just say that he loves Paula Deen's online recipes now!
This is the only other picture I took that whole night!
I was too busy eating turkey I guess. I was so stuffed!
The Reed family came over for dinner and to hang out.
Most Christmas' in Utah we are alone and we've become so used to that. 
It was so nice to have so many of our loved ones around us this year!
The next morning we all slept in late 
I'm SO GLAD that Ryan had the two days after Christmas off too!
Ryan was amazing and got me a new coat for Christmas! 
Well done sir!
We all went and got the kids happy meals at McDonald's and out to a movie!
It was such a low key Christmas. Exactly what I needed!

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