Sunday, September 13, 2015


After getting home from camping and getting things unpacked and cleaned up.. I started feeling bad that Ryan didn't get to have much fun since he got up the canyon so late..
I found out that Sundance was having an outside concert, so we drove up for it.

We saw that they were doing rides up the ski lifts.
The guys were so nice to let us go.. even though they were technically closed.
It was totally scary! I didn't think about it before I got on because I was just trying to work it out before we lost our chance.
There's nothing really holding you on.. so you just have to hold on for dear life!

We had to split up, but I'm glad I had Lila.. That wiggly girl!
Look how old Ella is getting! When did that happen?

After getting over the fear it really was SO pretty!

It was a long ride, but so nice!

About two minutes after this picture Lila dropped her binkie.. gone forever.

When our ride was over the band had started. 
They were actually pretty good!
The kids wandered around while Ryan and I ordered some dinner from the food trucks.

That FACE! She is just not good at sharing her soda..

I brought this little jacket for Lilly to wear. I wore it at about the same age. 
I got it from my step Grandma Gail. She made it for me.
It was such a nice night. We will have to figure out when all of the concerts are so we can come again next year.

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