Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Splash Pad

Yet another day at the splash pad.
Snacks, water and Sudoku and I'm OK with that.
Lilly has become more and more inquisitive. 
She has wanted to do so many more things on her own. She is my most independent baby. 

Poor Liam, with that ginger hair and fair skin. He's got to stay covered up to avoid a sun burn.
Jack was explaining to me the proper way of cooling off
From the look of those goose bumps I would say he's cooled off.

Lilly got hungry and helped herself to some muffins.
I always wanted Ella to have a sister. Although they are nearly 8 1/2 years apart I hope that they will always have a love for each other and have a close relationship.
I love these of Lilly, such simple happiness! 
Liam had a rough day.
Didn't get a good nap and got sunscreen in his eyes.
He finally gave up and went to sleep, really, he's asleep in this picture!
Jack jumps from rock to rock being king of the rock!
Lilly has figured out that the mogley crawl is the most efficient. She just HAD to get back to the water!
Thanks for coming to stay with us Sarah! Until next time............... 

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