Monday, August 6, 2012

Liam & Lilly

Lilly and Liam have so much fun together!
(Wouldn't those names be cute for twins!?)
Lilly's first birthday is coming up FAST! One year old, I can't believe it!
Best buddies!
Not sure why Liam was without clothes.....
While Sarah was here we figured out that Liam has a PHOBIA! 
He was so terrified!! Poor boy! 
All because of...............
A little plastic turtle!!
He was so afraid!! All we had to say was "turtle" and he would scream. For a couple of nights he had nightmares about turtles. He was so afraid of that dang play turtle that I had to hide it far away so that nobody would find it.
He was happy when I told him it was all gone, Uncle Ryan ate it!

1 comment:

Tiffany Robinson said...

HA!! That is so funny. Usually boys love stuff like that. Wish I could have visited while Sarah was there. darn.

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