Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bizzy's Baby Shower

The morning after Halloween we all woke up and got ready for Bizzy's baby shower!
This is what Jack brought me for breakfast. How sweet! ;)

I helped out, just a little tiny bit with the decor. Tyler's Mom was a wonderful host!
It was a great day! I won two of the three games! Ha! 
When I saw that one of the games was matching celebrities with their babies names, I knew I would win. I watch way too much E! TV.
 Bizzy got so many nice gifts, it was a great day! Can't wait to meet baby Rosie!

After the shower I picked up Jack. He spent the entire day with Ryan at work. I love that Jack got all dress up, just like Dad.
I guess Jack helped with paperwork and even went with Ryan to show some properties.
After such a long day at work, Jack needed a little ice cream break.

Later that evening we all went over to my parents to celebrate Kylie birthday!!
Happy Birthday Kylie!

Dad loves to wrestle.. with anyone who's willing to. 
He was totally the kid that got beat up everyday at school.. because he would make fun of the biggest meanest kid- right to his face.. I swear!

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