Friday, October 31, 2014


Halloween actually started yesterday with the ward Halloween party!
Grandma made a little photo booth area.

It was a big chili cook-off too!
This isn't even all of the "Frozen " kids

Oh my gosh... our last second costume.. robbers

This morning- Halloween day- I went to help out at Jack's classroom party.
I was in charge of two games- the first one was a mummy race!

Jack liked being a mummy...
But liked even more ripping it all off!

She asked for it to be right over her face... ok.

We also did pumpkin bowling!

It was so nice spending the day with my little guy! I think he liked it too.

After helping in Jack's classroom I walked right across the hall to help out in Ella's for a second.
(Ella's right in from as Harry Potter)

Done at the school I hurried home to finish making cookies with Lilly!

After having some dinner and setting up our "scary head" it was time to get ready for tick-or-treating!

Lilly could NOT WAIT! She as so excited to get her wig and costume on!
I had ordered her and Lila's costume way back in July... with a delivery of the first week in October. I got Lilly's on Halloween, just in time. But Lila's is on back order until Christmas.
I have never written a nasty email before in my life. But I did today.
They should have given me (and millions of others) a better expectation on shipping dates..
SO unhappy!

My sweet Lilly/Elsa

I wasn't sure if Lila would keep her wig on, but she did great!
She didn't want to take pictures at first..

My sweet little Anna
I ended up buying a cheap dress up from Walmart for Lila's costume. It was way too big for her, so I took it in and shortened it quite a bit. So in the end Lila had a cheap, tailor made costume.

Jack wanted to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle since he saw the movie this summer.
Wish, granted!

I loved all of his ninja moves!

Ella wanted to get a morph suit for a long time as Halloween costume. Then she found this mask and decided to be a scary lizard/morph suit.

She said that she wanted to hide in the bushes and scare all of the kids that came to our door..
Although I'm pretty sure she never did.

Lila... hahahahahahahaha

We were all ready to go now!!

Bizzy and Tyler were here so we took some pictures of them as well.
 I loved how each parent matched a kid.
Farmers and a cop and robber.

After taking pictures of Bizzy I walked into the house to see THIS..
What. The. Heck?
What a pretty princess!
Actually Adam and Bethany were a hunter and a deer. They were so cute!! I'm sad I didn't get a picture of them!

Grandma told us to be at her house at 6:30, we were there on the dot.

We got there, but others weren't ready..

We all waited, but with lots of entertainment!

Have you seen the movie Hot Rod? No.. not many have. You'll have to look it up ;)

Ryan decided that he wasn't going to dress up with me again, because he wanted to be Mario in his Mario Kart!
With banana's hanging from the back. He threw them at Adam on the other ATV.
Next year I'll have to get a Peach costume and get some balloons for the back!

Finally everyone was together and ready to go!

Lila figured out about the second house that everyone was handing out candy!

These little guys were slow, but very determined! 

I love this of Evan!! :)

The kids had a pretty good following

Watching Lila walk around was hilarious! She looked like ET or something.
With her long dress and long braids she looked so tiny!

The Bishop was actually the scariest! I didn't think that Lila would get close to him.. maybe she recognized his voice?

When Lila's little legs got tired...
Always with a sucker in her mouth!

The big kids were awesome- just running from house to house.
We would call him back if they went too fast.

Ryan took a turn helping the little girls

All of the teenagers.
I didn't dress up or go trick or treating after 13... 

Lilly's was the first wig to come off! Their little legs were getting tired.

Jacob drove up with the ATV for me to take the girls home.
Ryan stayed with the older kids, but not for very much longer.

Ryan got his head stuck in the candy bowl. Literally.... You can see all of the candy!

Checking out their loot!

Happy Halloween!!

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