Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jack's Soccer Pictures

With Jack's particular league they don't take pictures of the players or teams.
So I offered to. Not that I'm a professional.. But somethings better than nothing.
Jack watched as I took several of his friends pictures, but when it came time for his turn..
Sometimes it's really hard to get this kid to feel comfortable and smile!

But when he finally does, it's wonderful!!

I just love all of the kids on Jack's team. All of us Mom's having become really close too.
I'm so glad we get to stay together as a team and play together again in the spring!

With this being the second to the last game of the season Jack said he was really going to step it up and try to make as many goals as he could.


Modest- happiness
I love these photos of my boy!
He actually made so many goals that I told him he should try and pass more and help his teammates make some goals too ;)
He's really become a great soccer player this season!

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