Monday, October 13, 2014

Hee Haw Farms

Every fall one or both of my kids end up going to Hee Haw farms with school.. until this year.
So Ryan and I decided that we would just take everyone and go together as a family.

First we went over to the petting zoo. Lilly and Lila were both cautiously optimistic.

But then a goat brushed up on Lila's back and she lost it.

Lilly loved the Mommy pig with all of her piglets and the chickens.

Over the past couple of weeks Ella has really stepped up even more as second Mom. It's great!
We're just a couple more months away from really babysitting.


I love doing things as a family..

Jack wanted to ride the horse.. he did not want me to take his picture

Lilly was beyond thrilled to ride a horse!! She's had the chance to ride a couple of times before, but to her it never gets old.

While the big kids went down the big slide...

Ryan took the little girls for a walk.
It's so weird... Ryan and I are on the cusp of having a teenager. Let me tell you, I've seen enough teenagers to know, I'm not looking forward to it. I had a hard time relating to teenagers when I myself was a teenager.. let see how I handle having one of my own... 

Look at this sweet baby!!
Oh, I love those squishy cheeks!!

I'm going to find corn in their shoes and pockets for days..

Lila just wasn't into it...

I love this little pumpkin!... holding her little pumpkins.

Lilly wanted to ride the horse one more time.. or a million more times!
She said she wants a pony for her birthday... :0

Me and my baby!

It was such a great night! I love fall and spending it with my family!

We topped off the night by going to our favorite Mexican restaurant.
Lila did not want to share her peachy-rico!

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