Monday, October 13, 2014

The First Little Bit of October

Grandma's Preschool class picture 2014
Grandma wanted this picture and had a special Halloween preschool since it would be Gabe and Juduh's last time before they move.
It so sad to see them go. I wish they weren't. I wish a great many things surrounding their situation.

preschool + treats = a very happy 3 year old!

I told the kids if they were good during Jack's game and some errands after that we would go and pick out some pumpkins.
I love the big ones!

One afternoon Lilly came to me, holding her hand so carefully and said "Mommy, we have matching rings." Too cute :)

I feel like before I know it Lila will catch up to Lilly in size. Such sweet girls!

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