Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

Ryan claims he hates all holidays.
I know this is not true, especially for Halloween.
He kind of loves carving pumpkins.

Any excuse for Jack to take off his shirt.

Too bad that makes Lilly want to do the same.

She thought all of the guts were so funny!!

This was Lilas first time being around for pumpkin carving.

Sami came over to join in on the fun!

Fairly quickly Lila decided that the guts were funny too, cold, but funny!

Hey look, Sami even got a picture of me. I'm afraid my Cinderella pumpkin didn't turn out quite like I had hoped.

Sami brought cupcakes for the kids to eat, it's not a party until there is cake!

Ryan and Ella always work together to make her pumpkin. Every year she wants the same thing.

I wasn't able to stay to help finish all of them (visiting teaching) so I was happy to see that Ryan had helped the kids finish all of their pumpkins, but Lila's.
It's almost Halloween!!

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