Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jack's Last Soccer Game of the Season

Before we knew it, it was Jack's last game.
He's improved so much. I really attribute that to his amazing coach. We weren't so sure about her at first, but she really teaches the kids and wants them to be the best they can be.

I love watching Jack's interaction with the other kids on his team. They really are a team. They work really well with each other. Jack and another boy named Will are undoubtedly the best players on the team. Occasionally another teammate will make a goal, but most of the time It's Jack or Will.
This game Jack and Will were determined to help their other teammate Grace make a goal. It would be her first goal- ever.
When Grace made a goal ALL of us Mom's on the sidelines jumped from our seats and SCREAMED!
I love our team, we all support each other.
A couple of games ago a Dad from a DIFFERENT team was getting after our coach. Totally giving her crap, for no reason.
We couldn't believe it! Several of the parents on our team went to coaches diffidence.
Some parents are ridiculous!

Coach wasn't actually able to come to the last game- She coaches several of her other kids sports as well- so a Dad pitched in.
A few days later we had a little team party at our house. Jack was so excited!
We gave coach a present and told her all about the last game.
It was seriously the best season. One Jack will never forget- me either!
Until the spring!!

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