Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Busiest Week of my Life

After getting back from Park City I had so much to do! Only a couple of days until Young Women in Excellence!
Of course the busiest week I decide that I need to clean out all of the toys...
Why do I always think it's only going to take one hour?
While Ella was at activity days, jack and Lilly playing at my moms and Lila asleep in the back seat.. I stopped for a much needed break! It's been such a busy week, with no signs of slowing down..
I just needed a minute alone!

Young Women in Excellence was a lot of work.. it didn't seem like that much when I offered to do everything ;)

Luckily I had Ryan there to help! Seriously, he spent hours and hours on the slideshow!

I forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago!
These are Lilly's good friends from soccer. Little Ben is always her protector!

My Mom is in charge of all the activities for the ward.
She and I a made this poster really quick for the ward Halloween party.

She walked up to me "Cheese!"

Finally it was the day! Young Women in Excellence!!

These are just some of the pictures from the night. Everything was so nice.

These ladies are so great, I'm so happy that I get to work with them!

I seriously couldn't have done any of this without Ryan!
He was awesome! He made the whole slideshow and didn't complain about my hours and hours of working on the computer, cutting things out and never having dinner..
Thanks Ry!
It was so fun, but I'm so glad it's over!!

Trying to get back to normal with Young Women in Excellence over!
Lilly has started really loving to help make dinner.

How could I say no to that face!?

I love whenever I catch my kids playing nice with each other.

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