Friday, October 10, 2014

The First of October

Most days Ryan leaves for work before I'm showered and dressed.. and then more times then not when he gets home I'm already pretty disheveled and worn from the day.
So he almost never sees me made up, unless it's Sunday.
Sometimes I take a picture and send it to Ryan to remind him he's married to a pretty hot lady.
Why is it so hard to take a picture I like??
My little shopping helper. She has wonderful taste :)
She really wanted me to buy her that wallet.. I don't think so.
Someone is teething... She's been my worst kid at teething. With my other kids I would just see, oh whoa, they have a new tooth. I know when Lila is getting a tooth..

With the big kids in school the little girls and I just play all day. And clean, run errands, make food.. do laundry.. ok, not that much playing.

Sometimes you make purchases that don't really matter or you don't think twice about. Sometimes you make purchases that you regret or think that maybe you could have found a better deal.
And then sometimes you make purchases that you're continually happy about :)
I love my ring. It wasn't very much money and is just little diamonds. But I still love it.
This is not my original wedding ring. My original ring didn't have real diamonds. Which was perfectly fine with me, but not for Ryan.
So when Ella was three we got this. 
Ryan surprised me and we bought it on a whim. I'm so lucky to have a man that treats me so well and who wants the very best for me. I love it and how it reminds me of how much he loves me.

More playing at McDonald's. This better not become a habit..

Lilly and I got some fun Halloween crafts.
She was telling me all about how to paint properly. Really, you're teaching me? Who do you think taught you?

Mary came to town. Poor Scarlett. She just loves her Mom and Dad. Lila was so confused.

In an effort to get Scarlett to like me we played with my phone.. Love that crazy hair!

Poor Jacob.. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be the youngest brother of a family.. 
Pure torture I'm sure..

Lilly helping to feed baby Gemma.

Well, with Bizzy living here now and Mary here visiting, all of us decided to go out to eat.
Especially since in just a few days Samuel and Francesca are moving back to Wisconsin.
It just wasn't working out for them here in Utah. And Fran just misses her family too much.

  We have so many kids!! And all of these guys are only from 4 of us siblings!

Jack's game. It was a chilly morning. Good thing Dad brought lots of blankets!
It was so nice that Ryan was finally able to go to one of Jack's games!
Yeah for 9am games!
Jack played so well! He made some goals just for his Dad!
Ryan's such a great Dad!

While jacks away at school lily gets to be daddy's helper... She loves Mondays!

She was so much smaller the last time she sat in there.. 
Check it out HERE!

Bedtime has become so hard lately... I have no idea why..

The tooth fairy came to our house this week!!

This was seriously like the 4th big mess that spilled all over the floor in the last week! What the heck!?

For the first time ever I let the kids walk home from school.
I told them it would be too long and too hard walking up that big hill. When they got home they finally agreed.

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