Saturday, October 18, 2014


My calling in YW's has been kind of hard lately. I've had to MAKE myself go to all of the activities.
There's so much that goes into what seems like a simple calling. But we went on hike and had a devotional this week. It made me feel like I can do this! And what a pretty view!

Fall is officially here! These leaves have been changing the last couple of weeks, but I think that in only a couple more days they will totally be gone.

Lila is getting big in her little baby car-seat. Only a few more months and she might have to be into a big girl car-seat.

The other night Lila climbed in bed with Jack and fell asleep.
How sweet is that!? She loves her big brother.

While getting haircuts at Lisa's I was reminded how grown up these girls are.
They look like me and Lisa!

Whenever Grandpa comes over I know three things will happen- 
He will try and "sniff" everyone, including Ryan and I
He will smell Lila's "stinky feet" a million times
He will give pony rides.
Seriously, best Grandpa EVER!
I guess this is just how it goes now... 
(Ella and Paige walking so far behind me and the other kids at the mall..)
This week was fall break. Ryan didn't take any time off, so we just hung out at home or with Lisa and her kids.
We took the kids to see the movie "The Boxtrolls". It was OK. Brielle loved it, obviously!

After the movie we went to some neat toy stores and then the kids played on all of these rides for like an hour!

It was Leo's birthday party.
The kids and I drove up to Brigham City. 
Holy cow! It's so far! I hadn't realized that it was going to take almost two hours to get there!
It was totally worth it though :)

Bizzy put together such a darling farm themed party!!
Every little detail, oh my goodness!

Happy third birthday little Leo! We love you!!

Lila has a thing for bunny's :)

Lila figured out TV this week. She's never cared about it before.
She stood there watching this for 5 minutes...

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