Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ryan's Trip to Arizona

A few weeks ago Ryan came to me and told me that he had this overwhelming feeling that he needed to go to Arizona and visit his brothers.
At first I didn't think it was a good idea. Things weren't going very well at work, it was such short notice for his brothers, it would cost a ton on money right before Christmas, what if there was bad weather, he's all alone driving at night, he would miss Jack's birthday party... the list was long in my mind.
But Ryan was determined.
So after work he hit the road all by himself for the long drive.
He kept me updated and early in the morning he stopped at a Walmart in Kingman Arizona and slept in the car.
I told him he should just get a cheap hotel room, but he said that sleeping in his car was part of the adventure.
After he made it to Arizona I tried to leave him alone to have quality family time.
Every night he called me and told me about his day.
First day- He made it to Arizona and met up with Andre and his family.
They took out Andre's boat.

Ryan thought it was so funny that they saw wild donkeys!!

More wild donkeys

The next day Ryan, Andre and Elliott packed up for a guys day!
Ryan had pulled his dirtbike on a trailer down with him. Andre had a rhino and Elliott had an ATV.

Seriously, these boys are too funny!!
Ryan said it felt like old times when they were little boys.

Ry said it was mostly wide trail riding, but it was still so much fun.
He loved spending time with his brothers and family.

Ryan got to see his Dad the next day while he helped him move and out to lunch.
Ryan had sleepovers, brother's lunches, family dinners, guy video game nights and much more.

On his last day he went to spend time with his sister before driving down to stay with the Riggs.
Justin has always talked about his Flowbee!
Ryan needed a hair cut SO bad that he let Justin try it out.
I do think it would be nice not to have hair all over the floor...

The finished product.
After 6 whole days of being gone Ryan drove home.
It was a long 6 days without him. I had such a hard time being alone at night or trying to sleep without him. After so many years I've gotten used to the guy.
However, I did get a TON of things done while he was gone too.
The drive home always seems so much longer then it takes to get there.
But he finally made it.
I'm glad he was able to go. Sometimes we don't know why we feel so compelled to do things. But it's better to just do it then feel the regret of not doing it when you had the chance.
Ryan had so much fun me wants to make it a yearly trip with his brothers.
Maybe next time the kids and I will go too.

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