Thursday, November 13, 2014

The First Snowfall of the Season

With Halloween over.. I'm getting pretty excited about Christmas!
This morning when it started snowing, it made me even more excited!!
I know some people don't like listening to Christmas music or setting up their tree until after Thanksgiving.. I am not one of those people.
I have always waited to set up our tree until after Jack's birthday, but since we have a formal living room, maybe I wont wait this year.. I'm too excited!!

As soon as Lilly noticed it was snowing she ran to get her boots and coat on!

First snow of the season!

If you look close.. you can see she DID catch a snowflake on her tongue!

It's so pretty!

Lilly played for quite a while, but with the older kids at school she got tried of playing alone.

We decided that since it felt like Christmas with snow, that we better make Christmas cookies!

My Grandma Mom had this same cookie cookbook when my Mom was little.
At a garage sale in Wisconsin when Ella was a baby I found the exact one!

Lilly loved helping me make the dough!

Then Lila woke up from her nap and Lilly HAD to show her the snow.
She was a little unsure at first.
I had to tell her, that it was ok.

She dared to touch it...

Her face was one of shock.. it's cold?!

Anna came by to play in the snow with the girls.

Lilly just kept making snowballs and throwing them at Anna's back!

After playing in the snow.. again, it was time to roll out our cookies!

Lila is not a good helper. She eats everything.. or throws it on the floor.

The best part- licking the frosting!

It was SUCH a nice day. Just spending it home, with the kids!
This is why I love the holidays!

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