Friday, June 6, 2008

Steal of a Deal

So I don't know if someone else told me about this blog or I just found it. I love it! I check it everyday. Karen always has good ideas and tips for mom's. It's mostly for things in Utah however she has things for all over as well. (That's how I found out about the bottle recall! If any of you don't know just ask me about that.)
Then I found off of her blog this place called Baby Steals that I also check everyday. Every morning they have something that they are selling for super cheap. They just have it until they sell out, usually only a couple of hours. They will also have drawings for free stuff. Just thought that I would share with everyone some fun things that I had run across!


Andre, Melissa & Jolie said...

Hey here is the link to the bottle recall and which ones are safe and not safe! hope this helps!

Andre, Melissa & Jolie said...

yes that is scrapbook paper, my mom has a scrapbook room! I am so jealous! So I went and got bottles, I got the Avent with plastic liners, a pain I know but at least Jolie will be safe!

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