Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jack's 5th Birthday

This guy is now a 5 year old! I can't believe it! Wasn't just his birthday?
He's been looking forward to being 5 for a long time. So many fun things things happen when you're 5. He's most excited to start kindergarten in the fall.
Just days after we got home from Arizona it was his big day.
We weren't having his big party with all of his friends for a couple of days, but the night of his actual birthday we had a little family party for him.

I love that he sings happy birthday, to himself.
Ella and Jacob were the parties entertainment. 
Jack needed a new coat, not that I can get him to actually wear a coat very often.

At the store that morning I happened across this spider-man web-shooter. I knew Jack had to have it. Sure enough it was the hit of the evening!

Jack's Pirate Party!
With us just being gone for a week and getting ready for Christmas I was glad that things were able to come together for Jack and his party.
There were pirate costumes for everyone!

Jack requested this cake, he loves chocolate!

Once everyone got there we started with a scavenger hunt. The big girl's helped read all of the clues.
The treasure was found! Little treasure boxes filled with chocolate coins.
Jacob was the tallest pirate.

A break for lunch!

Change of clothes #2 for the day. Of course he changes into shorts and a tank top.

I think that this might be our last party with a pinata. They are just so hard to break!
Good thing Jacob was there to help! slamming it into the ground really hard works much better then a bat!

Jack got so many fun presents!
Thank you everyone!
Tiff really got into the pirate spirit! ;)
Finally the part Jack had been waiting for! The cake!
Again singing to himself! He then requested that Ryan light the candles a couple of times for him to blow them out. Silly boy!
Clothing change #3, with many more to follow. He loves dressing up!
It was such a great day! I'm so happy that we have our one BOY to spoil with boyish things!
Love you Jack-Jack! Happy Birthday big boy!

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