Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This year Halloween was totally crazy!! I felt like I was running full speed all day!! 
I had been looking forward to it for weeks! My Mom was flying in that afternoon!!!
The day started by taking Ella to school, going home getting Jack and Lilly ready and going back!
We got to watch everyone in Ella's school walk in a costume parade.
Ella wanted me to take a picture of Mason, one of her really good friends.
After leaving Ella's school I drove over to Jacks pre-school!
I loved him and some of his cute friends!! So sweet!
Don't you love Jack's goatee!?
After school we had a little family party.
Next time it wont consist mostly of cake, just more sugar!

After spending the afternoon cleaning up and eating dinner Ryan came home-
A while ago Lisa found some plane tickets for really cheap and so I called Mom to ask if she wanted to come see us. Of course she did! 
It was so fun that she flew in on Halloween, she's never been trick or treating with my kids before!

This summer when Ella's cousin Tori was here visiting she bought Ella this hat and scarf. She's been waiting for months to wear it. She's Hermione from Harry Potter.
We had several costumes already around the house that would have worked for Jack this year, but he REALLY wanted to be Iron man. I love the goatee and the moves!
Ryan and I bought this costume when Lilly was only a few weeks old, I was so glad it fit!
Every year we got up and trick or treat in a nice neighborhood in Alpine, so the kids wanted to take pictures with some of their friends before we left.
These are some of Jack's best friends.
Logan, Seth, Jack and Camille

Showing off all of their super hero/ Rapunzel moves!
This is Ella's good friend Avery and the big sister to Seth and Camille.
Avery wanted to be George Washington for Halloween!! Love it!!
She was sad she didn't have her wig and make up on yet.
Such good friends.
We finally made it up to Alpine.
Lilly didn't know what to do at first. She figured it out very quickly.
Lilly didn't want anyone to help her, she wanted to walk all on her own.

Sami took some pictures for me.
It was so fun having my Mom here! We never get to see her on holiday's or things like this.
Sami took these pictures, I didn't see them until much later. I was thinking... who the heck is that Iron man!?

Oh course... it was Tyler. 
I love how Jack shrugs his shoulders. I guess no body's home?
These sweet kids. They had so much fun!

She figured out really fast that she wanted candy and that if the door opened someone would be there to give her some.

I think that sometimes Sami and Tyler forget that Lilly isn't theirs! 
They are always so helpful, but especially with Lilly.
Tyler would help her catch up with the other kids when he little legs couldn't walk fast enough.
Of course Sami was there to help too!
Thanks you guys!
Lilly knocking on someones door.
When nobody came to open it, she tried to push it open.
After a couple of hours we were all tired from such a long day and headed home.
Lilly with her 10th sucker of the night!

Trick or treating was a total success, they all got tons of candy!
Happy Halloween!!

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