Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Break Trip to Park City

I can't believe it's fall break already, it feels like the kids just started school!
Lisa got a really great deal at a hotel in Park City for a week. I had really been looking forward to going.
Lisa and Tiffany were able to go up the whole week. Kim for a few days too. 
With Jack's school, Ryan's work, Ella's school, Mary coming to town and just so much going on at home I was feeling really stressed out and overwhelmed. I decided I just couldn't go. Just one more thing to do. I just didn't have a good feeling about it. I felt really horrible telling the other ladies that I just wasn't going to be able to make it. After many calls and texts they convinced me to go up the last two nights. Sami came along to help too. So right after young women's on Wednesday I packed the kids up and rushed up there.
It was so late by the time we got there that we pretty much went straight to bed.
The next morning we hung out, the babies played on the beds.

(I don't know why all of the pictures are so blurry) 
The kids were beyond thrilled to be staying in a nice hotel with all of their friends.
Kim took all of the bigger girls out for a walk while the rest of us got ourselves and the little ones dressed.
Alivia loved Lilly and thought she was such a cute little baby. Even though Lilly's almost as big as she is!
In the hotel there were several fun kid areas.
The kids had fun playing with all of the toys and coloring pictures.
Kim got all of the big girls hot cocoa, it made Ella feel so special.
Jack really wanted to go check out what was outside. Tons of little pools, hot tubs and fire pits.
The kids all enjoyed playing ping pong and wii.

Even Sami couldn't resist to play a little.
The whole group!

Later that afternoon Kim, Sami and I all went to the outlets and did some shopping. Kim is a total pro! 
When we got back we all loaded up and went out to get some pizza.
The boys liked to pretend to play games.
With the hotel being downtown Park City there was limited parking. So we took a little hotel shuttle to the parking garage. I think going on that shuttle was one of the highlights of the trip for the kids. It felt like a Disneyland ride. Although the weather was kind of chilly at night, I have to admit, it was a nice ride.
After pizza we all went outside to roast marshmallows! I love that the hotel had roasting sticks available.
Lilly liked rocking out in this huge chair.

Silly Lilly! As we were getting ready to go swimming Lilly was playing in our empty cooler. She totally fits!
(That cooler is from Ryan's high school years!)

Ella and Jack BOTH wanted their pictures taken with Avorie
Jack could NOT wait a second longer, he wanted to go swimming so bad!!
Everyone else had been swimming several other times throughout the week that they stayed upstairs.
Poor Jack, he was swimming with his eye's open too much and got too much chlorine in them. Ouch.
Sami and Kim were the only other ladies to come down.
The kids all slept in late.
Starting in the early morning I started feeling really poorly. It was a rough morning and I was glad to be going home.
The little girls in their matching pink jeans!
As we were leaving I decided to take the kids by some of the places in Park City that I know well.
When Ryan and I were first married we lived in Park City for 9 months. I worked at a little shop downtown for the Osmond family. It's totally different now, but still fun to check out. We also drove by the house we lived in when Ella was born. 
We love Park City. Thanks for including us Lisa, Tiffany and Kim!

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