Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jack's First Field Trip

After years of watching Ella go on school field trip's, it was finally Jack's turn. 
He was so excited to go to Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove. 
All of his classmates and teachers were there.
It was so sweet to see Jack with the big painted pumpkin!
This is where Ella went on her very first ever field trip with pre-school too and posed with that same pumpkin!! (Check it out here!)
It's been so nice to have things on Wednesday's when Ryan's off and can go too.
Me and my boy.
There was a huge corn maze. Jack was our leader, directing us where to go. He did a great job.
Hay ride!!

Such a pretty place to live.
Next we went in search of the perfect pumpkin!

Lilly wanted one too.
The kids loved playing in all of the corn! I found tons in their pockets all day!

Time for the petting zoo.
Jack was terrified and didn't want to go in. Lilly was yelling and begging to get it and see all of the animals.

I was finally able to convince Jack to touch one of the little piglets. 
That lasted about one minute.
I look over and see Lilly petting a chicken!! I'm glad it didn't peck her...

After more then a half an hour, Lilly did not want to leave the piglets! She loved them so much. They were so good too. They didn't mind when she pulled their tails.
Jack is such a chicken and didn't want to go down this side. 
Finally he went down with one of his friends and he was hooked.
We sat there so long watching him slide that Ryan had to leave to go get Ella at school!

Jack had such a great day! He loves pre-school!

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