Friday, March 15, 2013

First warm day

The whole time we lived in Arizona I would tell people, Utah winters aren't that bed. Snow is fun!
I'm SO SICK of winter!!!
I feel like we've been totally trapped in our house. I want to get OUT and do things!
I'm SO ready for summer.... for more then one reason ;)
For a couple of days we had fantastic weather.
The day after these were taken it hit 70 degrees, the kids wore shorts!
Lilly will now go to the back door and cry "aside, aside!" She just wants to play outside so bad.
She thinks she's one of the big kids!
Everyone in the neighborhood was out playing.
(I'm so happy they are finally finishing out our neighborhood and building on the last couple of lots.)

Ella's getting pretty good on that thing!
Lilly loves the girl who live across the street. Whenever she knocks on the door she yells "Hi Abery!" (Avery) Whenever they leave she yells, "see ya!"
I LOVE how she has her hands in her pocket!

This was the day these were actually taken. I can't believe I'm pregnant again!

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