Friday, March 1, 2013

February Instagrams

1. Jack told me he could lift a car. I came down to see that in fact, he could
2. Lunch at Ella's school
3. Thanks for sharing your brownie Jack.. now what?
4. Jack's obsessed with shoes!
5. Lilly with one sock
6. Love sleeping babies
1. Chocolate Cake
2. Naked
3. He knows how to support his favorite team!!
4. It's hard to sit still at Gymnatics
5. Jack is the strongest kid in the class
6. MORE chocolate cake
1. Lilly loves
2. Pudding
3. Lilly found these sunglasses at Gap and walked up to me wearing them. So dang cute! How could I NOT buy them!
4. Sleeps with her hands under her chin= adorable
5. Selfi!
6. Ella didn't feel well. At least it got her out of school...

1. Getting ready for her close up!
2. Nerd!
3. and loves it
4. Last minute boxes for school Valentines. Wish I had know about that sooner
5. Scared of the Valentine fairy. Happy he got chocolate anyways
6. Too sleepy to know whats going on
1. Lilly
2. Loves
3. Her
4. Kitty
5. To
6. Death
1. Happy Valentines day to me! Thank you Ryan!
2. Lilly loves sleeping with her baby
3. Harvey!!
4. Mr. fix it
5. Sleeping
6. I think I love him
1. Giving your baby soda is always a bad idea
2. Jack too
3. Happy combined birthdays Mary and Sami!!
4. Harvey doesn't like
5. Having to take his clothes off
6. Lilly sitting in her big girl car seat
1. Ella loves the "nerd" look
2. Lilly lounging at Ikea
3. eating breakfast
4. At the counter like a big girl
5. Jacob opening his mission call... Brazil!!!!
6. New hair cut
1. No parking at preschool
2. means we needed to walk
3. really far
4. But that was ok since Lilly loved walking in the snow
5. She loves ALL of her babies and wants to sleep with each and every one
6. Eating lunch together
1. Bread sticks!
2. Mom was too tired to cook. Thanks for taking us out Dad!
3. Mom is too tired and so we are eating out way too much
4. Lilly doesn't mind
5. Cafe Rio
6. Break dancing

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