Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Real Life

I walked outside to find Jack and Lilly playing in a pile of dirt next to the house.
I'm would normally freak out and insist that they go inside and get cleaned up.
 Sometimes as a Mom I have realized that I just have to give in.
I don't know if it's just because I'm pregnant and tired or what, but I decided they were already filthy, it just doesn't matter.
They were having so much fun!

dress up's and dirt. What could be more fun?
I want to try and photograph more "real life", because although it seems that these kids might be together most of the time, it's just not what's realistic everyday.

Something else that happens around here a lot.
Although it's like pulling teeth to get this kid to clean his room, he's always looking for opportunities to organize things around the house. He loves cleaning out the garage and going through drawers matching like things and putting in their proper place.
Most of the time it's helpful.....

This is a sweet boy. He wants so badly to be helpful all of the time.
He loves being the "man of the house" when Ryan's not here and takes that roll very seriously. 

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