Friday, September 14, 2012

My Birthday Trip

One afternoon Ryan called me from work. He told me that if I could find a sitter he wanted to take me on a little overnight trip for my birthday!!
I found one, Sami of course and counted down the days until we would go.
We only went to Salt Lake, I didn't want to go any farther since Lilly was still so small and this would be my first time leaving her. This was our second time leaving the other kids, the one and only time before it didn't go so well.... See that HERE!
Of course this trip didn't go on without a hitch. That morning I woke up with the WORST cold ever... I was so sick. I feel like I look miserable in every picture, when in fact I'm so drugged up on cold medicine I felt pretty good. Ryan had spend his entire day fighting with buyers so he was pretty worn out too.
After picking Ryan up from work we drove up to Salt Lake and checked into our hotel 
We went for a walk around downtown and grabbed some dinner and dessert.
It was such a wonderful night, just walking around holding hands with Ryan.
The next morning we got to sleep in! Yeah!!!!!
Then Ryan said we HAD to go to the pool/spa area. 
Those Bailey's and their spa's. 

After getting ready for the day we packed up and headed out. It was so sad to leave. One night just isn't enough!! It felt so great to just be together without our wild kids, a much-much needed break!!!

We drove around and got some breakfast. We saw a movie and ran some errands before heading home.
A HUGE THANK YOU to Sami and Tyler. There are few people who I feel like I can trust leaving my kids with overnight. You guys are amazing and I don't know what we would do without you!! We owe you big time!!
It was such a great weekend, it makes me want to go on little overnights with Ryan every month!!


Tiffany Robinson said...

It's a good recharge! It is nice to sleep in and no interuptions.

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you got to do something fun! You look GORGEOUS as always, even with a cold. :) Miss you!

Sami and Tyler Oscarson said...

So...I agree, we SHOULD make this a monthly thing! First, your kids are perfect. Second, your BED is perfect!

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