Monday, September 10, 2012

July-6 Pioneer Day

We started off the afternoon driving down to Spanish Fork to Tiffany's second annual gourmet hot-dog BBQ.
I LOVE matching outfits on kids! I think it's from all of the years my Mom dressed me and Sarah as twins. So months before they came, I bought my girls and the Riggs girls matching shirts. 
Lilly got mad and wanted to crawl away. Too many fun things to look at!
The kids played in the back yard and on the huge water slide that we brought. 
There were so many hot-dogs!!
The Shepherds came along too!!
Lilly wanted to eat everything.. and she did!
Sweet little Ammon!
There got to be quite the long line for the slide!

We tried keeping the babies in the shade to keep cool.
Ella and Kylie ended up having matching-ish swimming suits too. I think that Jack and Kylie ate almost every cookie! Look at that chocolate face!

Lilly's first Popsicle! She loved it, even if she thought it was a little cold on her hands.
After stuffing ourselves and the kids changing out of their swimming suits we drove over to a fun boutique for the Moms. I thought it was fun that the Dad's got the kids out of the car and played soccer with them in an empty parking lot. So then after spending too much money on cute pants... we drove to Mapleton for their Pioneer day celebration. The kids all looked at the row of brand new bikes, picking out which one they would choose if they won one!

I love all of these pictures of the boys! Jack looks up to these guys so much. He wants to do everything they do and dress just like them too!
Ryan and Jack
Owen and Luke
Sami and Tyler and Lilly
Tori, Zach and Ella

The helicopter came.. the kids had to run and check it out

Little Kylie, what a princess!

These guys are so cute!!
Remember here!! LOVE these!!

Angela, Ammon and Justin
Tori and Zach
The kids were so excited!! It was time to try and win a bike! 
Remember from last year? Check it out HERE!

Gunnar & Kylie and Jack
Justin told Gunnar not to let go of Kylie's hand and he didn't. Even if that meant dragging her through the crowd of kids. No really, it was so sweet!

Dakota and Ella
Jack with his winning ping pong ball (Or so he thought)
I love his expressions! Silly boy!

None of us won a bike, but that was ok. There were still a lot more fun to come!
Aunt Sasha and Lilly dancing.
It had started raining pretty good, we all thought we might have to go home. Everyone was sad.
I'm sure that we weren't the only ones praying for it to stop.
Which it did after about 10 minutes and we saw this beautiful rainbow.

Some crazy people skydived into the field next to us. I would have been worried about lightening!

Tyler and Sami 
Ella was having so much fun with her friends and cousins.
Again Kylie was dancing and dancing. I love that last one, she looks like she's doing the robot!

She loves her baby SO MUCH!!!

The other kids were keeping themselves entertained by playing with glow sticks and wrestling. 
I love the picture of Dakota and Jack. Jack doesn't have a big brother, Dakota is kind of like a surrogate big brother to him.
Sami was DYING over how cute Lilly was in her jammies and especially her headband and little bangs!
OF COURSE I got Lilly and Kendall matching jammies!

I love Katrina! She's such the perfect wife, mother and friend. Plus she's gorgeous!! I miss her so bad!!
Sami and HER surrogate daughter Lilly
All of the kids minus Zach.
Gunner/Kendall, Kylie, Ella, Tori, Dakota/Lilly, Jack, Ammon, Luke and Owen
Soon the sun began to set
Ella and Lilly, rockin out!
I don't remember who the band was, not someone I would normally listen to, but it was still fun.
Then came the fireworks!!!!!!!!! They are the best I've ever seen! 
(Other then in Wisconsin!)
It felt like they went on forever! Everyone just relaxed and enjoyed.

It was such a fun, hot, long, exciting day!! 

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