Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back to School Carnival

Ella (and Jack!) were so excited to attend Ella's back to school carnival. They are always so fun!
Last spring we waited in line forever to get their faces painted, but was totally worth it since they turned out so amazing. This year that's where we went right away. Not as exciting, but still fun.
This hay ride goes so fast, it kind of worries me...

As the evening went on it started to get so cold and windy.
The kids bought tickets to do different booths and rides. Jack and Ella got to go in a photo booth and win lots of candy! Jack's favorite prize was a huge poster of dinosaurs. As soon as we got home that night he ran upstairs to tape it on his wall. 
A scary (ok, not so scary) haunted hallway! 

The WHOLE reason that Ella wanted to go was to get dunked in the dunk tank!
It was so cold and windy, I thought she was nuts!
As soon as she hopped out, I wrapped her in a towel and we RAN to the car! 
She said it was fun, but SO cold!!
I love that her school always does such fun things!

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