Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gateway Children's Museum

One of my friends from Arizona Kristy moved up to Utah, just a few miles away!
One afternoon we took the kids up to Salt Lake to the children's museum.
Lilly loved all of the tubes to put balls into

Jack loved the little playhouse with the kid sized furniture. He said he wants this couch for his room.

All of the kids loved playing with the car. Will was nice to fill it up for Jack. (I never did get a picture of Olivia!) 

But by far Jack's favorite section was the grocery store. He loved doing the shopping and checking out. He also loved being the cashier.
As I took those pictures of Jack I turn around to find Lilly had run off!
Back at the play car again, her favorite!
Of course Ella wanted to ride side saddle, like a real lady would do.

Ella's favorite was the new's station!!
She told me she might have found her life's calling.
Jack did not. He would rather be a grocer. 

After a very long wait the kids got to sit in the helicopter. 

Jack made me some very cute cartoon strips.
The kids (along with some other random children) put on a little play for us parents.
One little girl volunteered herself to be the writer, actor and director. But she was so hilarious it worked out pretty well. I should have caught her name, in case she ever really becomes famous! She put on quite the show!
Jack, trying so hard not to let the embarrassment stop himself from getting in on the action.
It was such a fun day, I'm so glad we went! Kristy and I need to get together more often!

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