Friday, September 28, 2012


These are a little out of focus, but I love them anyways! Only three more days until her first birthday!!
I love my babies so much and therefore struggle to have them sleep in their own beds for at least the first 9 months. Which then leads to all of my children developing a habit of wanting to sleep with me all the time. One particular afternoon as I was trying to get Lilly to take a nap she just kept fussing and wanting me to lay down with her. I went upstairs to change laundry and as I came down the stairs I noticed she wasn't upset anymore. 
THIS is what I walked in to see!! Jack had been playing his video games quietly, but I guess he knew she just needed a snuggle. It looks like he must have been a little tired too!

I take a lot of pictures.... but THESE will be ones I will treasure more then most.

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