Friday, September 28, 2012

Lilly's First Birthday

It's already Lilly's first birthday, time has flown by!
Ryan's Dad is always so nice to send the kids money for their birthdays. While Ella was at school and Jack was at his very first day of pre-school Ryan and I had to run some errands before Lilly's big party. We looked at several different stuffed animals, since we knew that's what she would want. But none of them felt right. Then I jokingly said, for a few a little more we can buy her a life size teddy bear at Cost-co! Ryan thought that would be amazing! He immediately drove us there. When we got to the huge pile of teddy bears Lilly started squealing and clapping!

Needless to say, she LOVES her new bear!! Thank you Grandpa Rick!
Then (after all of the kids were home from school and after dinner) we set up for Lilly's big party!
I made her a little banner, hat and bib.
Best cake I could come up with in an hour before her party!

I had been working and planning for a special themed party, but at the last second I decided to just to all pink. We served all kinds of treats- Tarts, cake-pops, ice cream, cookies and three different flavors of milk!
I loved the banner of all my favorite pictures of Lilly during her first year!
Lilly with her two best girl friends- Lucy and Brielle

Thank you to everyone who came to help celebrate Lilly's birth!

Time for presents!!!
Jack was so excited to give her the towel he picked out!

And then... as sometimes happened's when you're only one year old, things got a little overwhelming. 
I think it was due to all of us adults getting after the kids for being loud and having them back up.

Soon everything was okay again and Lilly got to finish opening her present from Grandma and Grandpa on the farm- her very first baby doll!

Cake time!! Ryan thought my little outfit for her was a little much, I don't care! :)

She didn't know how to blow and actually almost touched the candle. Oops.. 
Always loves to share!!

After all that cake you need some strawberry milk!
After the party was over and the guests went home it was bath time. Thanks Sami!

LOVE this one!

All clean in her new jammies and ready to play with all of her new toys!

Her party was actually the day before her actual birthday, these are from the next morning.

Not so happy to wake up.. 
Lilly, officially one year old!!
Thanks for the new dress Lisa!

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