Monday, September 10, 2012

July- 5 Salt Lake

Monday we all drove up to Salt Lake. The Riggs' kids hadn't ever been there and the Offen's hadn't been there since they were tiny.
We walked around the temple grounds and the visitors center.
As we were walking up into this room Jack asked me if we were walking up into heaven! Such a sweet boy!
I love that Kylie is one...
We walked across the street to the new City Creek Center. We all walked around and checked out the shops and grabbed some lunch.
After lunch we walked over to the Joseph Smith building.
While Kendall had her lunch we relaxed in the air conditioning. 
Ryan loves old architecture.
The piano was being played in the lobby, Kylie couldn't help but dance! It was darling! 
We all walked down to take a tour of Brigham Young's house, but Lilly was being fussy and needed to be changed. I ended up staying outside with her. We went and got everyone a Lion House roll while we waited. Lilly loved hers!

Each family in front of the temple!

We took a tour of the conference center. I love seeing all of the beautiful artwork!! It's my favorite! Our guide took us to this statue and told us that we should take a picture of it with our flash. Sure enough, it took totally different with the flash!

Ryan then treated everyone to dinner on the roof of the Joesph Smith building. It was so yummy!

Lastly we went to the church history museum. The kids thought it was great to pretend they were passengers of a boat! It was such a nice day, I love being so close to so much church history and being able to share it with our friends and family.

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