Friday, September 28, 2012

Jack's First Day of Preschool

The day Jack had been waiting for was finally here!! His first ever day at preschool!
September 5th 2012

Showing off his new school shoes and backpack!

He kept asking us "is it going to take a long time to get there!!"
He was so ready to go!
He couldn't take it anymore and had to RUN to his class!
One last picture of him in his chair. He wasn't afraid at all and basically just wanted me to leave.
I'm so glad that he loves school, looks forward to going and always has fun!
First day done and couldn't be happier! 
I had looked into several different preschools and programs he could go to, but I felt like this was the place he needed to go. It is very much like a traditional kindergarten (since this class is technically pre-K) They have been learning the months and days of the year, the pledge of allergens (which he now has memorized) and all of his letter names and sounds- just to name a few!
 He told me he loves his teachers and new friends. My baby boy is growing up!

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Tiffany Robinson said...

I love that his name tag says Jackson not Jack. I only here that name when he is in trouble.Lol :)

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