Thursday, May 28, 2009

Water Slide

Silly Ella!!!
Gunnar is CRAZY! Seriously, he's nuts! Look at how high he jumps while going down the slide!? He jumped so high he just about flipped over that bottom bar! This kid who just a few days before was climbing on something and cut his chin and had three stitches is going crazy on the slide! {it's my prediction that that will be our Jack-attack in just a few short years!}
The other day we got together with the Riggs family! We love you guys! We had a lot of fun eating pizza and going down the water slide. Even us Mom's tried it out. No pictures of that though. Yikes, that would be a sight.
{Sorry about how the day turned into such a mess! We still had fun!... right? Ryan made it here... eventually!! Hahahahah!}


Tiffany Robinson said...

oh my you have been going going going non stop.

Ashlee said...

Ooohh!!!! That looks like so much fun!!!! I want to play!

Melissa said...

i want one of these soooo bad!!!

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