Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer is here... already

We've hit TRIPLE digits here in Gilbert A.Z.
I'm remembering why I was so worried about moving here in the first place. Jack has already been burned from his car seat.... twice.
One of the days last week we couldn't take it any longer. We just HAD to have some ice cream. We all felt much better after.

After that we went to the pool. The water is finally JUST RIGHT for swimming.
Sad thing is, before we know it the water will be TO hot to get in.
Ella doesn't really need floaties, not sure why she insisted on wearing them.
Jack is SO NAUGHTY! I'm going nuts with this kid- while in the pool {I'm RIGHT there with him} he climbed out of his floaty- fast as lightning- and fell into the water! Of course since I was RIGHT THERE he was fine. But it reminded me, with this kid, I can't ever be off my guard.... not even for one second!

Time to GO HOME..........

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