Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cup Cakes

Ella wanted to make some cupcakes SOOOOO bad! She always likes to help me bake, but this time she wanted to make them all by herself! I only helped by telling her what ingredient's and how much, but SHE made them! She measured everything, cracked the eggs and filled the cupcake cups!

Then after they were cool she frosted them! All by herself! They were delicious!
Jack COULD NOT wait to get his hands on some of those yummy cakes! Look at that face, mouth watering!
After all of the cup cakes are done and we had ALL enjoyed WAY TOO MANY we sat down to try and digest. But I hear something in the kitchen....... I love how you can see his pants and diaper on the floor. I'm not sure how being pants-less will help in the finding of more cup cakes. He makes me laugh!
{here's the kids bath after cup cakes- Jack's all hopped up on all that sugar!}

1 comment:

Jackson Family said...

I love that he always ends up naked! Thankfully Kaylee has not discovered how to get naked yet lol

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