Monday, June 3, 2013


I found a great deal on a two night stay in Vegas! 
Perfect timing right before the baby comes and Ryan's job change. We so needed this!!
It was extra fun that our friends the Riggs decided to join us!
I was so excited the morning we were to leave that I woke up at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep.
After finishing packing and getting ready Ryan woke up and said, lets just hit the road now.
It was really hard to leave the kids! We have only left them twice before for one night each and this time we were traveling a long distance and couldn't make it home quickly if needed.
I just about cried as I said goodbye to Lilly. I knew they were all in good hands though. With Tyler, Sami, Abby and Chloe at the house watching all of them I figured they would be just fine and have a ton of fun.
We made it into town about two hours before the Riggs plane was to arrive so we checked into the hotel and hung out a while. Then we took our car to the cheapest, best car wash ever!
Ryan and I were so restless in the car waiting outside the airport for the Riggs! We hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving and were bursting with excitement!
After picking them up we went over to the hotel, but the Riggs room wasn't ready yet. What the heck!? So we hung out in our room and tired to make a plan for the weekend.
We were all getting really hungry so we decided we should try one of the many buffets around town.
Justin decided the Bacchanal would be perfect, since they served all you can eat crab legs!
The boys were in heaven!
I think that by the end of the night they had THREE huge plates of finished crab legs!
There were so many choices, but I loved the American food best. These little burgers and onion rings were SO good!!
The BEST though was the dessert table!
So many yummy choices! I got to try several new things that were so yummy.

After dinner we decided that we should try and walk off some of that food.
We walked around the forum shops and found some cute dresses for all of our girls for the 4th of July.

We watched the little show outside Treasure Island. Holy cow, that's become so raunchy!
We also watched the fire show at the Mirage.
While walking the strip you always see such weird people.
Like Elmo and Big Bird, Hello Kitty and some showgirls.
These two guys were SO funny! We sat and watched them for a little while.

I'm SO HUGE!!!
That night walking around people would look at me and then down at my belly. 
I'm sure they were thinking "what the heck are you doing here!?"
After walking around so much I was second guessing myself a little too.
Only 7 more weeks until baby time!!
We finally made it back to the hotel and the Riggs were able to check into their room.
We were all so tired!!
After a WONDERFUL nights sleep the boys went and got us some breakfast and we got ready to hit the pool.
Ryan loved it and sat in the pool almost the entire time.
Included in our hotel package we got the use of a cabana!
It took a 15 minute walk to find it, but it was totally worth it.
It was out near the kiddy pool, we wished we could have been over more near the party pool, oh well.
Maybe next time.
It looks like I have a beach ball under my suit!!

We also got some gift cards for food with our package, we all ordered some (virgin) drinks and some yummy nachos. It was so nice to lounge around!
After spending all afternoon at the pool we went back upstairs and showered and got ready for the evening. We decided that you can't go to Vegas without seeing a show! 
We got some tickets to the cirque du soleil show Le Reve.
While waiting for it to start we got some lunch/dinner.
Ryan surprised us by buying us this HUGE piece of cake!
It was SO good! I could have eaten that whole thing myself!
(I WISH I could go get a slice right now!)
With still a little time before the show we all did some penny slots.
Katrina won 40 bucks! I think in the end she lost it all again though. Bummer man.
Ryan and I walked away 4 dollars up! Ha!
Almost time for the show to start!!

(Some of the pictures are off my phone)

It was a really good show. I'm so glad we went!
Now Katrina can say she's been to a Vegas show!!
It looked so much prettier without the flash. Oh well.
Again more walking down the strip.
I wish we could have gone dancing or something, but with me being so HUGE I would have felt really weird.
Ryan's always thought the ROCK was the MAN
Last night in Vegas.
It went by way too fast!
We watched the water show at the Bellagio and walked around.
We also tried Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate.
It was so good and perfect on such a hot night!

Ran into the Hangover guys again.

The view from our window.
So sad the trip had to come to an end.
Enjoying our room for the last time.
We both slept so great, it was so relaxing.
Just what we needed!!

After packing up we ate breakfast down in the hotel.
Although our server was a stinker...
Then we drove around to check out other parts of Vegas.
We came across "The worlds largest souvenir shop" and decided we had to stop.
There was seriously the weirdest crap there!!
Ryan ALMOST bought this hat for Jack.

After a bit more driving around we ended up on the strip one more time.
Only minutes before Katrina was telling us about a creepy guy who had followed her around a hotel the one other time she had been in Vegas as a kid.
THEN.... this guy got "turned on" and ran over and cornered Katrina!
It was so freaky! She pushed him off right before Justin was going to deck him!
Poor Katrina, I guess that's just what happens when she goes to Vegas!
Then it was time to say goodbye.
Ryan and I both lingered on the walkway, not wanting it to be over, not wanting to say goodbye to our dear friends... Until next time!! Maybe Cabo? An Alaskan cruise!?
Justin and Katrina, thank you so much for coming! It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without you. Thanks for being good sports, especially about Ryan's lap dances!
We love you guys!!!
As soon as we dropped them off at the airport we hit the freeway towards home.
Everything was great and we were making good time when five miles south of Beaver Ryan says "oh no, we've got a flat!"
No biggie, Ryan's a pro right!? If we had had the right tools dang it!
We called AAA and they came with the right tool to take the cap off.
The air valve had broken off. Looks like new tires for us.
Even though it took us longer to get home we will always look back on this trip as so much fun!
I wish we could do something like that every month!
It was good to get home, see the kids and sleep in my own bed!
Thank you Lewis clan for taking such good care of our kids!!!
We owe you BIG time!!

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Katrina said...

Oh my goodness! You documented this perfectly! It made me sooo sad that it is already over. I loved every minute of it! Reading everything and seeing all the pictures made me feel like we were back there again. You guys are the best! We love you!

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