Friday, June 21, 2013

Ella Turns 10 Years Old

Happy Birthday Ella!
Ten years ago today I gave birth to my first baby- Ella!! 

I woke up extra early to make her breakfast in bed, but she woke up and ran down stairs right as I was taking it up! I made her favorite, french toast and hard boiled eggs.
Jack's such a meat eater! What a BOY!
Lilly loves all food. She's our best eater.
I let Ella open ONE of her presents. The one from Jack, which he spoiled by telling her what it was right before she opened it. Don't tell Jack your secrets, he can't keep them!

After breakfast I had to run some errands in Orem.
We got some ice cream for Ella's big day. 

Lilly ruined her clothes with ice cream, good thing we found this little dress for sale.
Lil is my best shopping partner. She LOVES to shop and always wants to hold all of the bags!
(She wouldn't keep her bow in though..)
We got Ella some new clothes. She doesn't want to shop at all of the little kids stores anymore. Only at aeropostale  and Justice...
Ryan, Sami, Tyler and Abby then met us for dinner at a little Chinese restaurant that Ryan found.
(Nice picture Ryan and Jack!)
Chinese is Ella's favorite!
It was a hole in the wall place, but seriously some of the best Chinese ever!

After dinner we all came back to the house for Ella to open all of her presents.
All she wanted was craft supplies and things for her American Girl doll.

I think that she was pretty pleased with everything.
Lilly wanted it to be HER birthday.
Blowing out her 10 candles!
I seriously can't even begin to wrap my head around the fact that Ella is 10. 
That went by way too fast!!

The boys had no interest in all of the "girly" stuff.
Us ladies played with all of Ella's new stuff and tried every new outfit on Ella's doll.
Of course Lilly had to get her American Girl Bitty baby too!
It was such a fun and relaxing day.
Only a couple more days until Ella's big Bowling party!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet Ella!!

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