Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big Family BBQ

Alissa and Seth planned a family BBQ since great Grandpa and Grandma were in town.
Ella was so happy and surprised when Maisy showed up!
She flew in just for Ella's big birthday party!!

As we were driving into Alissa's neighborhood I saw a boy walking down the street, it was my cousin Hunter!! Jared and Sara surprised us by coming too!
They were in town for one of Hunters wrestling matches, worked out perfectly.
 Of course Ryan was the grill-master.
After dinner we took some pictures of everyone.
All of the little kids.
What's funny is Hunter, Emma and Maisy are MY cousins. 
My two aunts and I were all pregnant at the same time!
The whole group!
It was so great seeing everyone! It was such a fun day. Thank you Alissa and Seth for hosting.
Sarah and Liam came into town just in time for the BBQ.
Two prego sisters! (sorry, did I just announce that for ya Sar?)
That makes 4 new Orr grandkids on the way!

Liam- he cracks me up so much!!
Sarah gave Ella her birthday present. A REAL french outfit from Paris!!
Time for bed- tomorrow is Ella's big bowling birthday party!!

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