Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Fest 2013

Last in the afternoon Sami called to see if we wanted to go to Orem's summer fest with her and Tyler.
We threw some water bottles together and drove down.

Lilly didn't remember ever going to a parade, she loved it!!

Lilly never stopped dancing or clapping!

Jack and Ella on the other hand became very bored.

Ella pretty much fell asleep in the middle of the road.
Lilly loves her puppy back pack.

It's so fun to download all of the pictures off my camera and find a TON that Sami took without me knowing. Of course they are mostly of Lilly!
We see this guy at every parade. We also see a guy who just runs back and forth along the parade route.

Ryan finally made it, he met up with us after work.
We were trying to meet up with our other cousins- but it was SO CRAZY!

The best part of parades- getting candy!

I love all of these pictures- it captured Lilly seeing her favorite- Princesses!!

After the parade we all went over to the carnival. It was CRAZY! We should have gone on all of the rides instead of watching the parade. Lesson learned!

Lilly loved all of the rides! I can't wait to take her to Disneyland sometime! (Maybe next summer!)
Sami and Tyler took Ella to all of the "grown up" rides while Ryan and I took Jack and Lilly to all of the kiddie rides.

It was taking so long to get on any ride and we just watched the fireworks from a long, long line.
What a GOOF!
Last ride of the night!

Although it was absolutely nuts, I think the kids had a lot of fun!
We all RAN to the car to try and beat the traffic and got some ice cream on the way home.

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Tiffany Robinson said...

An evening parade must have been quite fun for a change. I love the matching shirts on Ella and Lilly :)

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