Monday, June 10, 2013

Swimming at Sami & Tyler's

Sami and Tyler invited us over to swim in the pool and have a BBQ at their apartment complex.
It is so hot now, so there couldn't have been better timing.

They have a little kiddie pool there. It seems like it should be a hot tub, but it actually worked out great for us!
Ryan WAS going to go to school and do some work, but I convinced him that he needed to take a day off to spend with our family. I'm so glad he agreed. I know he felt so much better getting to take a day to relax and play with the kids!

Okay. Normally I would NOT post pictures of me in a swimming suit.. and pregnant. But hey, this is my last pregnancy and I'm sure the kids will want to know what I looked like someday.
Lilly got cold and just needed a Mama cuddle.

All FOUR girls in the picture! 
Only about 5 more weeks until we get to meet our new little girl!

What a GOOF!

Lilly loves all candy and treats. She really loved sitting in the shade eating cupcake after cupcake..

Sami is always fun to go swimming with! She always plays games with the kids!
It was such a fun day!! We can't wait to go swim again!

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