Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Week After

The week after Lilly's blessing.... was so boring. There's always so much to think about and do, that when it's over it's kind of like, what now. Just time to start planning and thinking about the next fun thing I guess!
One of Lilly's new favorite things is to take everything out of the diaper bag. Really, to make any kind of mess. I totally fell behind on her 8 month pictures. Maybe I'll try and get to that this week. She's getting so big! She's almost got both teeth on the top/front in!

On Ryan's day's off we end up taking the kids to Trafalga a lot. Mostly since it's free and so far hasn't been very busy.
Jack LOVES the airplane ride. I think in total he's probably been on it 40 times... so far.
Lilly doesn't suck on her thumb, doesn't take a binkie, she doesn't have a favorite blanket- lately she has somewhat fallen in love with this bear. She doesn't have to have him, but if he's there then she likes to hold onto his ear or ribbon. It's kind of cute.
One of Ella's favorites.
The kids aren't big enough to go on the go-karts alone.
But that's ok, Ryan is seriously nuts on that thing and the kids love it. Let's just say he's a very good driver.
As soon as Jack was off the go-kart he ran right to the airplanes. 

Ella's turn. At first she wanted me to drive (I've never even been on a ride yet!) But when I told her I wasn't going to drive as fast as Dad, she changed her mind. She wanted to pass everyone, but not only once. Ryan seems to lap everyone else at least 4 times each turn. He gets his race car abilities from his Dad, who was in fact a race car driver!
Ryan passing this other dad for the second time.
Another of Ella's favorites are the boats. She is relentless when it comes to shooting other people with the water guns. Ryan and I finally had to yell at her to stop shooting everyone! She has really good aim. Jack just sits back and laughs, he thinks Ella is awesome.
Lilly loves her Daddy. Every night when he gets home she has to crawl over and give him cuddles.
Jack was a little intimidated at first, but now likes the rocking ship ride.
Sweet little Lilly. This picture is so "her". She's had a little runny nose for the last couple of weeks, I hope that as soon as those top two teeth are in it will go away.
Okay... maybe we're spending a little too much time here. Jack seems a little bored with the frog hopper ride.
After talking about it all day, Ella finally agreed to try the rock wall again. Mostly due to the cash prize if she made it to the top. Which she did. And Ryan gave her two whole dollars. It was a proud moment for her and surprisingly Ryan as well.
 I love our little family outings. I'm happy it's getting so warm and soon will be able to go to the pool!



Sooo fun!! Trafalga is FREE now? That's awesome! That was one of Elliott and I's FIRST DATE! ha! Lilly is getting so big! Cute kids!

Rachel Bailey said...

It's not free. We just got passes for 10 bucks that last for a year, so if feels free!

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