Monday, May 28, 2012

Mothers Day

Me and my kids Mothers day 2012
It was a nice day of going to church and spending time with the kids.
Ryan and the kids gave me a big bag of peanut butter M&M's and a card they all wrote in.
When we got home from church I had a surprise from Sami and Tyler!
Tapped to the wall were a bunch of envelopes with times on them that I got to open every hour.

This picture was in one, another had a letter from my Mom, a note that told where some treats were hidden, another said that Ryan would give me a massage, a note to find some bubble bath and much much more!! 
My favorite was a letter Ryan wrote to me. It was so sweet, it made me cry.
Thank you Sami for putting all of that together for ME!
I felt so special and it made my Mothers day this year!
Lilly's first mashed potato's. She loved them!
That night I made a big dinner and watched a favorite movie.
Poor Ryan, it was his first Mothers day since his Mom passed away. He was going to help me with dinner, but had gone on a walk alone. After hours and hours of him being gone I called him. He thought he had only been gone a half hour... and it had been four whole hours. Overall I think he handled the day well and tried to make it nice for me.
Happy Mothers day to my Mom! You're not only my Mom, but one of my best friends and I don't know what I would do without you! Love you!

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Tiffany Robinson said...

I love the Milf card!! HA!! You are a great MOM. I am glad I am friends with you so I can learn how to be a better mother. Thanks.

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