Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One of the craziest weekends ever! Starting with Sarah and Mr K's sealing

After MONTHS of planning the BIG weekend was here! Ryan and I had been looking forward to it so much! It all started on Thursday- Ryan's Dad made it to town! The kids were so excited to see him and Jack RAN to give him a hug. It was nice sitting and chatting with him. Although it's only been a little over a month since Ryan's Mom passed away, Rick seemed good and has many plans for the future. After spending some time with us, Rick went to spend time with his brother Stan. Including driving up to their childhood home in Idaho. Later Thursday Ryan went to the airport to pick up Justin and Katrina Riggs and my Mom! The Riggs are such amazing friends! They took the time and money to come and see us, AGAIN! We love them dearly, what amazing friends! Also my Mom was able to come. A couple of days before she and I were both feeling so sad that she wasn't going to be able to make it that weekend, then I suggested that she call her brother who works for an airline and see if she could get a buddy pass. At the last minute she was able to get one and fly to Utah! I had to stay and get Ella from school, there wouldn't have been enough room in the car anyways, so the kids and I excitedly waited for them to pull up. It was so convenient that they were able to fly in about the same time.
That night we all just hung out and chatted. Us girls all went and did some shopping while the boys babysat.
The next morning (Friday) Justin and Katrina made us breakfast. They always make at least one meal when they come to see us. Stinkers. It was so yummy! I wish that I could steal all of Katrina's recipes.. but then she would have to show me how to make it too. She's such a good cook!
Friday we did some more shopping -while the boys went to get Ryan's breathing machine!
Maybe Ryan will breath at night now!
While shopping I.. ok Katrina picked out a birthday present for Justin, from Ryan.
When we got back all of us girls were eating See's candy. With Mom, of course we HAD to go to See's.
Justin was sad that we hadn't got HIM any, since he loves their chocolate too.
Until he opened his presents! Hehehehehe!
The ONLY thing that Justin wanted to do in Utah was go to Tucano's. So on Friday night we all went down for dinner. Sami got to come along too!
It was so yummy, but we had to hurry to a wedding reception right after.
When we got back to the house Mary and Kevin were there with little Harvey.
Lilly really liked him, Harvey did not like Lilly.
With Grandma

Yeah! After waiting and waiting, my Dad finally made it to down after driving with Mary and Kevin. He had flown into Denver where he stayed with Sarah and then drove to Wyoming to be there for Harvey's baby blessing and then drove to Utah.
Dad has always wanted to meet Lilly. I think that he was so aware of how badly we wanted her. At Mary's wedding he gave me a blessing that I would be able to have another baby and carry it fully term and it would be healthy. 12 days later we conceived Lilly. (TMI?) Since Lilly's birth, Dad has wanted to come and meet her so bad! He finally got his chance and never put her down.
Sweet HarBey!
Saturday morning we all got ready (Ryan had to work! Mean boss!) and went to the Draper temple to witness Sarah and Kreighton get sealed to each other and then have little Liam sealed to them. It was so beautiful! Even Ethan and Matthew were able to be in the temple to watch their brother be sealed to their parents. I am not a crier, but couldn't hold back a few tears as I watched my sweet sister in the temple, being sealed to her sweetheart and her baby. Everything she's ever wanted.

All of the family who were able to be there.
All of the Orr side.
After we all went out to dinner to celebrate! Of course Dad took over watching Lilly.

Mom wanted some pictures of us sisters. Too bad we're missing HALF of the Orr sisters. We were sad that everyone couldn't be together, it was such a nice day.
I'm so happy for you Sarah! I'm so happy that I was able to be there to share in your special day. Congratulations!

Later that night all of my cousin's came over and hung out. It was so nuts! Our house is too small!
We decided to try again, nope, Harvey still hates Lilly.
The boy's with their babies.
So the weekend wasn't over yet. Saturday night my Mom, Katrina and I worked until the wee early hours of the morning to get things ready for the next day- Lilly's baby blessing!

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