Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lilly's Baby Blessing

On April 29th Ryan was able to give Lilly her name and a blessing.
We had waited and waited to do it, trying to find a good time to bless her down in Arizona with Ryan's family and especially his Mom. We were sad that we never were able to make that happen, especially since Lilly's middle name- Fay was chosen in honor of Sandy as it is her middle name. 
We blessed her in our wards sacrament meeting. Ryan gave a beautiful blessing, blessing her to be healthy and strong, both physically and spiritually. I'm so thankful for the priesthood that Ryan holds and the blessings it brings to our family. After the blessing was performed and we were sitting together as a family Ryan couldn't hold back the tears. I know how badly he was missing his Mom in that moment. This was the first big event for him after his Mother's passing. We know that Sandy was there with us in spirit.
Rick (Ryan's Dad) Ryan with Lilly, Matt (my Dad) and Douglas (My maternal Grandfather)
This was Grandpa's first time being able to attend a GREAT-grandchild's blessing
All of the men who stood in the circle- missing are Justin Shepherd and Travis Anderson, friends from our ward who were able to stand in the circle, but needed to attend other church classes at the time. Kevin and Tyler, although pictured, were not able to be in the circle as they were LATE! Stinkers!
Seth, Justin, Rick, Ryan, Matt, Douglas, Kevin, Kreighton, Tyler and Blake
Lilly with her Grandma Kim and Great Grandma Deloris 
It was so wonderful to have both my parents here for Lilly's special day. It worked out so well with Sarah's sealing that so much of my family could be here. That made the day that much more special as my family lives so far away and doesn't get to be here for every big event.
Love you Mom and Dad!!
Ella, Jack and Lilly with both sets of grandparents and some of their Orr cousin's
We were so grateful that Rick was able to drive up and share in Lilly's blessing. I know it couldn't have been easy for him, but we appreciated it so much. I know it meant so much to Ryan to have his Dad stand in the circle with him

Us with the Riggs. What amazing friends to come up just to be here for Lilly's blessing. They helped so much and were so generous to us. I don't know what we did to deserve such wonderful friends.
A four generation photo
Of course... Could I really have expected anything else from these boys!?
They are such wonderful friends. I know Ryan is so grateful for Justin. One of the hardest things about leaving Arizona was leaving behind the best friend he's ever had.

Ryan and his Dad
Of course Sami wanted some pictures with Lilly too, as she feels like Lilly is half hers.
Our family of five. Words can not express the love I have for Ryan and my children. They are all I've ever wanted and give me so much joy and love. They are my happiness.
After taking what felt like a million pictures.. and somehow I didn't get one with our little family and just my parents, or Sarah and her family or any of our other friends!?... we all went to our house for a luncheon. I had to get up at 5:30am to finish those dang cake pops, but they were so yummy it was totally worth it!

I had so much fun planning and putting together every little detail, I'm SO SAD that I didn't get very many or very good pictures of everything- like the banners I made that said "Lilly Fay" and "Harvey" (since he was blessed that weekend too!) Dang it!
There were so many people, we were all packed in so tight! Ryan said that the next time we have this many people coming to an event we have to do it at the church or at a park!
Thank you to everyone who was able to come and who helped out with food, setting up and cleaning up!!
It was such a fun weekend!! I'm so happy for Sarah and her family and that she was able to be there for Lilly.
Most of the group!
The Robinson family, Blake and Robin, Sami and Tyler, US, Rick, the Shumway family, Alissa and Seth, the Ballard family, Grandma and Grandpa, Sarah with some of her boys, Mom and Dad and Justin and Katrina!
Sunday night we had to say goodbye to everyone. 
Here's little Kendall! I was sad I didn't get to hold her when we were in Arizona last since I was so sick. I was happy to be able to give her lots of snuggles this time!
I hope that the Riggs can come again this summer with all of their kids!! Love you guys!
When Papa was getting ready to leave Jack ran and found his Wisconsin cap, he wanted to match his papa! We were all sad that he wasn't able to stay longer. It felt like he was here for ten minutes.... Come again soon Papa, we love you!
Baby Harvey was all tucked out. Mary and Kevin hit the road for Wyoming and Sarah and Kreighton back to Denver. Come again soon you guys!!
All of our friends were great about being there for us (even Lisa's parents) for bringing food and helping clean up. We are lucky to have such wonderful people to call our friends. 
Ella and Paige were serenading everyone as they left, while holding out a hat for tips.
Lilly's after blessing outfit.
She was so pooped after that long day.
Ryan and I feel so blessed to have Lilly in our family. She brings such a joy to our family. Life wasn't the same without her. I thank our heavenly father everyday for all of my children.
The fun wasn't quite over yet though! 
Mom was able to stay one more day! Monday we hung out and did some shopping up in salt lake.
Jack ran off and yelled "take my picture!"
We walked around temple square for a little bit.
I couldn't help laugh that Jack was being such a stinker and not wanting his picture taken.
Mom said she loved this picture, since it was "real"
I was able to get a smile out of him anyways.
It was such a busy weekend, but seriously one of the best!
I love my family and friends and am so grateful for each of them and the blessing they are to our family.
I didn't want the weekend to end!! Love you all!

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