Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last of Spring Break

On one of the last day's of Ella's spring break we drove down to meet Lisa and Tiffany at a bouncy castle place. Jack was a little fearful of some of the larger slides at first, but soon warmed up and would go down head first!
Ella was a crazy women. She finally needed me to pull her hair up into a ponytail, since she was so sweaty!

See.... crazy!

Lilly thought it was all pretty fun too. She loved playing on all of the fun animals, as long as nobody knocked her over.
Jack, taking a break.

The next night we drove down to John and Tiffany's to celebrate Johns birthday.
Lisa and I had bought these outfits quite a while ago and thought we better get a picture of them wearing them before they outgrew them.

Lilly always sits like this.. Ouch! I guess it gives her more stability. 
These ladies will grow up together like Ella and Paige, and Jack and Preston. 

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