Saturday, May 19, 2012

More of Spring Break

I was SO HAPPY when Lisa sent me a link to buy "the pass of all passes" for only 10 bucks each!
It's a pass to get into two mini golf/ fun centers, two water parks and many more fun things!
Although maybe I didn't quite have 40 bucks to blow at the time, I could NOT pass it up!
(It's already been SO worth it!)
So Tiffany and I decided to take the kids one rainy day of spring break.
Jack was being cranky. I've figured out that he really needs to get sleep and probably still needs a nap.
With so much to look at, Lilly was happy sitting in her stroller
First the kids all tried going on the rock wall. Jack made it really far and rather quickly too! 
However, the second he saw how high up he was he totally freaked out and came right down and has never wanted to go on it again. Ever.
Ella made it about.... four feet and freaked out and wanted down.
There was a little break in the clouds so we all went outside on the merry-go-round.

These silly girls hammed it up the whole time.
A good part of the afternoon the kids played on all of the arcade games, without having any tokens. Silly kids! Tiffany took them all to do mini golf upstairs and then I took them to play a little bowling game.

Jack was a little afraid of this frog jumper ride and first, but soon warmed up to the idea and even would keep his hands up the whole time.
As we were getting ready to leave Ella decided to take one more try at the rock wall. She made is much farther this time, but not quite to the top. Avorie was a champ and made it up to the top so fast!
Again, another fun day of spring break!

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